So the food truck craze is rampant in LA and the undisputed king of the food trucks is the Kogi Korean BBQ truck perfecting Latin-Asian fusion dishes such as Korean short rib tacos. While being amazingly tasty, these tacos pack a caloric knockout punch. By making a few tweaks – removing 1 of the 2 tortillas Kogi uses per taco, incorporating turkey to the meat mixture to lower fat content, adding greens for volume, and guacamole for essential fatty acids, or even serving the meat on a bed of spinach and cabbage for a no carb option) we’ve made the tacos healthier, lower in calories and best of all, available anytime. So stop stalking Kogi on Twitter for truck location or waiting in line to order.

Latin-Asian Salsa Verde
1 package Trader Joe’s Kogi marinated short ribs
2 large turkey breasts
Shredded cabbage, spinach, kale or other fresh greens
Optional small taco size tortillas – gluten free corn or brown rice
Guacamole or sliced avocado. Try Trader Joe’s #1 Guacamole!


Pound out the turkey breast between sheets of cling wrap in order to tenderize them. Place turkey breasts in large bowl with short ribs and allow them to marinade to 30 minutes prior to cooking. Cook the meat in a large skillet on a medium heat. Allow to rest for 5 minutes after cooking, then dice into small pieces for the tacos.

Assemble tacos or salad with meat, salsa verde and guacamole either in a gluten free brown rice or corn tortilla or save the calories entirely: simply top a bowl of shredded greens with your meat, salsa and guac.


Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sugar Sodium
Guilt Free Kogi Style Beef Tacos 173 18 5 13 5 401
Guilt Free Kogi Style Beef Tacos NO Tortilla 113 6 4 13 4 398
Actual Kogi Taco 235 30 8 12 2 460