FITFUEL2 Squares



FITFUEL2 BARS are currently available by the batch. Each batch includes a dozen (12) squares.

Each FITFUEL2 Bar  contains at least 20g protein, yet only 195-205 calories! Using stevia and other natural sweeteners, we carefully craft each bar to rewardingly taste like a treat:

Macadamia Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Peanut Butter & Chocolate Hazelnut (think Nutella). Limited Time Seasonal Flavor for Fall: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip. Spring / Summer: Gingerberry).

…all with less than 5g sugar!

For comparison, each tiny 45g Lara Bar contains around 20g sugar!


Celebrate the Season:  Try our Winter Mint Brownie!

Available through end of March. Delicate peppermint elevates delicious chocolate delivering a winning flavor combination that both refreshes and gives a warm nostalgic hug!





About FITFUEL2 Protein Bars

Nutrition Counselor / Personal Trainer Whitney Cole and husband Exercise Physiologist, Byron Paidoussi developed FITFUEL2 to satisfy clients’ constant requests for a natural preworkout snack providing enough protein for performance, chiseled results and the metabolic boost all desire without the sugar-bomb delivered by other natural bars, such as date-dominant low-protein Lara or Cliff Bars. Oh…and bars couldn’t have the texture of chalk (Think Thin), cardboard (Greens Plus) or rubber (Quest Bar), as most high protein bars sadly have unappetizing textures! Thus, with no added sugar, sugar alcohols, GMOs, soy protein or other unnecessary fillers, you can be sure every bite is as nutritious as it is delicious!


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