If ye seek chocolate, here’s my latest “creation from desperation” Definitely quells my sweetooth and my clients are raving about their new dessert that hasn’t disrupted their shrinking waistlines.

No Sugar-Added Cherry-Chocolate Sorbet:

In large bowl (to avoid splash) mash 1 cup frozen pitted cherries. Mix in 1tsp vanilla extract, 2tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder. Top w/ or mix in 1/4c slivered almonds.

Can also puree all ingredients in blender for a smoother texture, but in a bowl you’ll maintain a less homogeneous (smooth) consistency, which I prefer as every bite is a bit different.

For smoothie, puree in blender & add desired amount of ice & unsweetened soy milk. Obviously, smoothie will be less rich than uber-flavorful sorbet.