Get Hot for V Day! 1 Week Valentine’s Shape Up:
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wmc vday siteYou don’t need a reminder on a pink doily that Valentine’s Day is a week away, but before you lose time and money seeking the perfect gifts, note that the best gift you can give yourself and your lucky lover is the BEST version of you!

Tightening up that bod not only makes you look every bit the tasty treat they’ll prefer to Godiva, but it also amps confidence, improves sensitivity and verbal and nonverbal communication. Yes, put better sex on your To-Do list!

Try this 1 week shape up to make sure you deliver yourself in the best packaging possible this February 14th! It provides both a diet cleanup, to fire up your metabolism and flush away fat, and 6-day workout plan.


Booze. It’s ideal to cut booze entirely this week. You don’t need the calories or the hangover. If you can’t stay in and avoid the “I don’t have a drink in my hand!” anxiety, cap your booze at two/night . Go with a premium-grade vodka, soda and fresh limes. Ask for it in a double glass (without the double shot) and drink an additional large glass of water for every drink to slow you down and…

Hydrate. Water! At least two, more like three liters daily to flush away fat and stay hydrated as you workout more and consume a high protein diet. (Seven times more water is needed to digest one gram of protein versus carbohydrate). Sorry! Coffee, soda, even diet soda which actually increases appetite, don’t count towards your three liters. Only unsweetened green tea counts, but do watch your caffeine later in the day so you don’t miss out on your beauty sleep.

Diet. Keep it clean and natural. Lean meats, fish, vegetables and fruits. The processed stuff is what stagnates digestion and leads to blood sugar peaks and valleys. I know cutting bread, sugars, and dairy is tough but seriously, take a good look at yourself on Sunday and tell me it wasn’t worth it.

Sleep. 7-8hr a night. Any less and your body won’t have time to repair from workouts and sensing stress stores calories as fat assuming a famine is coming. Trouble winding down? Take a melatonin and get in bed an hour before you would want to be asleep with a fiction book. No tv or computer. You’re gonna need your energy Sunday. Prepare for fireworks!


Six workouts each with at least 45 minutes of intensity, including HIIT Training (High Intensity Interval Training) and Circuits. No time to reinvent the wheel. Start with your existing workout and add fire to it. Follow this intense portion with at least 15 minutes of stretch in order to continue this aggressive regimen and ensure Victory.

Alternate days between:

Workout I: Long cardio HIIT Training (30+ minutes), followed by circuits (unless you have days where you do just cardio).

Workout II: Only 10 minutes cardio at beginning (3-minute warmup and 7 minutes hard). Superset weights. Before changing exercises do 1-minute jump rope or burpees.

HIIT Training. If your norm is a half-hour run, do 3-5 minutes of warm up, then three 1-minute sprints, each followed by a minute recovery at your base pace. Give yourself another minute to recover if needed, and then do 3 more 1-minute sprint/recover intervals. Those with knee and ankle injuries who’ve been told to avoid running may use an elliptical with arms and follow the same guidelines.

Circuits. Back-to-back weights and/or body-weight only exercise with minimal to no rest in between. Vary upper and lower body-specific exercises so that you can maintain intensity throughout the workout. One part is always working hard while the other is recovering.

Watch for my recipe for low-fat, no sugar added Chocolate Covered Strawberries. A perfect sweet for your sweetie and reward for your hard work!