So summer is just around the corner. Days are longer and the weather is better. Time head into the great outdoors here in California and workout in different ways. Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean sacrificing resistance training. Go to the outdoor playground at the Santa Monica Pier to get a great calisthenics workout. Use the suspended ropes for climbing, use the monkey bars for pull-ups, the parallel bars for dips, the low bars for inverted rows and push-ups. Circuit these with sand sprints or squat jumps onto a bench to provide fat busting anaerobic workouts. At the park, a BOSU ball and agility ladder can be combined to provide a fantastic workout. Alternate ladder drills with BOSU exercises, try push-ups, cross crunches, burpees, hip thrusts and squats. This will burn calories and tone up those muscles. If you live in the Hollywood area, get out to Runyon canyon for a great workout. Do sprints up the fire road or hike the trails for steady state cardio. Take a rubber resistance band along and use various items like fence posts, benches or light posts as anchor points allowing you to do resistance training exercises. Try chest press, rows, pull downs, curls, triceps extensions and squats to build strength and tone up muscles. Take advantage of the amazing SoCal weather and get a tan while getting in shape this summer using nature and basic equipment. Don’t forget your sunscreen though.