Think back to any sport you did in your youth. Almost every session or game began with the following sequence: Run a lap or 2 around the field then get in a group and perform several stationary (static) stretches while Coach went over the game plan or practice schedule.

We all thought that’s the way it’s done. Incorrect! Modern research has proven that performing static stretching prior to explosive and speed movements actually impairs rather than boosts performance. So let’s put that old warmup to rest and embrace the world of the dynamic warmup.

Dynamic warmups consist of movements and dynamic stretches specifically designed to prepare the muscles for the strenuous activity to come. For most sports, that primarily is going to be the muscles of the legs, core and lower back.

The sequence begins with the walking stretch movements targeting the major muscles (quads, hamstrings, quads & glutes). We follow that with some more dynamic movements to further target those muscles at greater speed and increase the range of motion. Finally finish with the most explosive stretches, the mountain climbers and groiners that work to fully activate the muscles in movement patterns similar to those going to be experienced during the coming activity.

Walking straight leg march for 20 yards
Walking knee hug for 20 yards
Walking quad stretch for 20 yards
Walking piriformis stretch for 20 yards
Prone scorpions 10 reps per side
Rocker hamstrings stretch 10 reps per side
Mountain climbers 10 reps per side
Groiners 10 reps per side

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