Welcome to DO THIS, NOT THAT, a series of blogs identifying better alternatives to common mistakes we see regularly in the gym. We will give reasons as to why the exercise or behavior is not advisable, as well as why the suggested option is more efficient and/or safer. Without any further ado, here is the first installment.


If you want to build or tone your quads and glutes, choose squats, over the leg press machine. Squats are far more complex lifts that, performed correctly, deliver far superior results.

1.  Max Muscle!  Squats require the whole body to work during the lift, engaging more muscles, maximizes strength, power and muscular gains throughout body.

2.  Max Metabolism!  Similarly, more muscles working during any exercise, amplifies caloric burn during and up to 24 hours after workout!

3.  Avoid Imbalances + Injuries.  Most leg press machines focus purely on the quads, eliminating the glutes from the lift altogether. 90% of people already have stronger quads than glutes and hamstrings in posterior, so training quads only will simply amplify the muscular imbalance between opposing muscles in front and back, leading to low back and knee injuries.

Leg Press = Fail


So avoid the leg press and ending up imbalanced with dodgy knees. Instead, learn how to squat correctly and you’ll develop fantastically toned legs, a firm butt and ripped core!






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