We get it, you only have a limited time at the gym. Make the most of it… Here are our top 5 quick tips to help you get the most out of your workouts:


Pull Ups are a great compound exercise

1). Train Compound Movements

Compound movements are more effective at activating muscle + burning more calories. Don’t settle for a leg press or leg extension, instead do squats. You’ll be working more muscles + moving more weight. Alternatively, combine smaller movements into compound ones. Combine a bicep curl with a shoulder press. A skull crusher with a close grip chest press.


2). Use Progressive Overload

Progressive overload is VITAL to making progress in the gym. Muscles will only continue to develop if they are continuously exposed to greater stress. The total volume of work done during a session constantly needs to be increased. There are 3 ways to increase work volume: increasing Sets, Reps, Weight.

Gotta increase at least one of these variables each time you train to progressively overload the system. Without overload, you will NEVER improve.


Activating your abs is key!!!

3). Activate Your Core

Stop slacking, keep your abs activated at all times. Consciously activating your abdominals during all exercises will help you maintain correct posture, develop a covetable 6 pack + burn extra calories! Score!


4). Shorten Rest Periods

STOP STALLING! Unless you’re working at close to maximum load, you don’t need long rests between sets. Consider adding more supersets to your workout in order to keep that calorie burn firing. Either work opposing muscles groups or throw in some high intensity cardio, like burpees or mountain climbers.


5). Ditch Your Phone

We see it all the time at the gym, people checking texts or emails between sets or exercises (+ camping out on equipment). STOP!!! It’s just wasting time. Is it an emergency? If not, it can wait 45 minutes till you’re done working out. Leave your phone in your locker. Or if you use phone for music, turn on airplane mode. Avoid disturbances + maintain workout intensity. That’s a major WIN!