Whitney and Byron WeddingFitness + Fuel was born out of our joint love of exercise, healthy living and eating. With marriage we merged our independent personal training businesses and our unique backgrounds to provide Angelenos with the best training and nutrition in the city. Although we are both passionate about exercise, we have different specialties within the fitness world: Byron delivers world-class Sports Performance and Conditioning; while Whitney dominates nutrition and weight loss, uniquely fusing Pilates into strength training for total body toning and conditioning. With firm beliefs that we must fuel the body to make our goals reality – and that delicious food can be made nutritiously and simply – we tackle any and all fitness demands of our diverse clientele.   For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us. Please find our contact info here. Or feel free to contact Whitney or Byron directly. contact us

In addition to maintaining the Fitness and Fuel blog, Byron and Whitney serve as appointed Fitness Experts for Diet.com, Livestrong.com and Wellsphere. To reinforce motivation, they encourage clients to write down goals and thoughts throughout their fitness quest. Some go public sharing the trials and triumphs of training via blogs: Christina’s bridal training: http://fitnesswithwhitney.blogspot.com Sherry’s “getting my rear in gear” blog: http://sixweekstosixpack.blogspot.com