Skeptical about how correct training + nutrition can change your life?

Look at the picture of me on the left. Yup, that’s me Byron Paidoussi, albeit a very out of shape unfit me. That picture was taken in late 2007 when I was in easily the worst shape of my life tipping the scales at over 205lbs. That weight would be fine if I was 6’3″ but I’m just shy of 5’11”, so I was carrying around 23% body fat. Kinda inappropriate considering my profession!

I was in a real rut, professionally + emotionally. Working 60+ hours per week for an abusive boss, starting clients before 5a every morning + often ending for the day at 10p, left few conscious hours for much else including meeting someone who treated me well. Instead, I stayed entirely too long in an unloving relationship (yup, made some bad decisions before Whit)! Functioning (sort of) on about 4 hrs sleep nightly, I was frequently so exhausted, I neglected my own workouts. Missing my amazing family oceans away in South Africa, I grew increasingly homesick + depressed. I justified eating tons of comfort foods + assorted junk to fill the emotional void, as well as drank alcohol far too frequently + water too infrequently. Definitely worth mentioning that I shoulda also been sponsored by Starbuck’s given my 3 daily Ventis.

All of these contributed to that bloated, out of shape, hormonally imbalanced, cranky version of me that I am truthfully terrified to share. However, I feel the opportunity to inspire others similarly dissatisfied with life + their bodies far outweighs protecting my own ego. So, I have been there, + successfully made the changes needed to look + feel the way I do today.

Now confident in hilarious shirtless Halloween costumes, like WWE wrestlers!

Now confident in silly shirtless Halloween costumes, like WWE wrestler John Cena. Whit’s Eva Marie.

One morning (after 1st good night’s sleep I’d had in long while), I woke up + decided things needed to change. Starting with my eating habits, I eliminated processed foods, sugar + most forms of simple carbohydrates, such as white rice, pasta + bread. I based my new diet around lean proteins, vegetables, whole grains + fruit. I also limited my alcohol intake to two drinks per week + coffee to one cup a day (with a sprinkle of stevia). Likewise, made my workouts a priority. I planned a six days per week training regimen that included high intensity interval weight training, followed by steady state cardiovascular exercise, ending with stretching + rolling to avoid injury. I also began playing soccer again on weekends + riding my bike along the beach path most evenings.

I began to gradually feel more like my old self + looking like a trainer/athlete again. Today I live + preach this type of healthy lifestyle to my clients, family + friends. I am living proof that it works. Just look at the photos! These days I’m around 182lbs + 8% body fat…a far cry from the unhappy, hypocritically out of shape guy I was back in late 2007. NEVER AGAIN!