In addition to training, nutrition is key to achieving and maintaining the physique and health you seek. Let’s chat!

Whitney is a certified nutrition specialist and appointed Fitness & Nutrition Expert on  With firm belief nutritious food must also be delicious to keep us on track, Whitney develops customized diet and nutrition programs to ensure clients reach their goals.

Clients training 3 days per week receive a FREE nutrition analysis, customized recommendations and ongoing counsel for the duration of their training! Need help purging your pantry of trigger-foods or learn how to navigate groceries, ask about our “Kitchen Clean Up” or “Grocery Trip.”

The Arsenal Diet

Working around your lifestyle, schedule and needs, we’ll develop a plan for you full of satisfying, savory foods to ensure you successfully reach your goal body. Choose how much you want to cook, dine out or have delivered.

What’s on the Menu?

Access to Whitney & Byron’s database of healthy meals at restaurants in your area and how to order each item in accordance with your dietary needs, allergies or religious avoidances.

Kitchen Clean Up

Together, we’ll go through your deepest, darkest kitchen cabinets, office, car and/or wherever you spend time. Learn what to keep, trash and replace with tasty guilt-free foods.

Grocery Trips

A personal tour of the supermarket of your choice. Learn how to maximize return on investment (ROI) of money, time and calories!

Healthy Meal Preparation & Cooking Lessons

Inspired by the RRRs (Rotten Recipe Revamps) on the FITNESS AND FUEL Blog? Feeling overwhelmed? New to cooking and meal preparation?  Learn basic cooking techniques and how to fuel your workouts while eating the meals you crave. Discover how to reduce fat, salt, sugar, gluten, dairy, animal products from your favorite recipes without sacrificing taste. Even if microwaving popcorn is a big task for you, Whitney and Byron can teach you how to cook healthy meals for yourself, family and guests.