Byron Paidoussi and Whitney Cole are appointed Fitness Experts contributing regular features to MUSCLE & FITNESS.

“Train Like a Pro Athlete”

Wanna chisel up like the awe-inspiring athletes of the NFL? Train like one. No one playing football in the NFL spends hours on a treadmill, elliptical or a stationary bike, so ditch the steady-state cardio workouts and start a more structured strength, power and anaerobic fitness routine. Check out the grueling results-delivering routine developed for you!


“5 Mistakes Impeding Your Training Progress”

Think you’re doing everything right? Byron & Whitney urge you to discover the training mistakes hindering your results. Never changing your reps or routine? Progressing yourself to heavier weights too soon? These are some of the easy mistakes to correct and get the most out of your time and effort in the gym.



“Start Shredding Killer Abs” 

Chisel the ultimate 6-pack by summer with this ab-popping workout by Personal Trainers Byron Paidoussi and Whitney Cole.  Torch fat and sculpt lean muscle with this killer abdominal and anaerobic cardio circuit.



“Hit Bis & Tris for More Arm Muscle”

Add size and cut up with this 8-week, arm blasting routine. Guys wanting bigger arms typically  focus too much on the biceps, neglecting the triceps and brachialis which contribute roughly 2/3 of the upper arm’s musculature. Avoid disproportionate development and little actual arm girth. Instead work the triceps from three angles to add size.




5 Steps to Strong Chiseled Pecs

Learn the key elements to building a bigger, well-proportioned chest including: how to incorporate compound & isolation movements into your routine, dumbbells vs. barbells, critical angles and why you can’t neglect legs and back. Try this pec-pumping workout today!



“10 Fat Torching Tips for a Shredded Physique”

Maximize your fat burn with these top 10 tips from Hollywood trainers Byron Paidoussi and Whitney Cole of FITNESS and FUEL LA.