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Exercise Physiologist and Sports Conditioning Coach, Byron Paidoussi uniquely transforms athletes, executives and average Joes into superheroes. Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and Nutrition Counselor, Whitney Cole is your triple-threat in the fight against fat. From their private studio on the border of MARINA DEL REY, VENICE and CULVER CITY, this husband and wife team inspires both male and female clients to achieve their fitness potential with no-fail total-body conditioning and diet plans customized around individual needs, motivations, preferences and learning styles.  

Whether you’re seeking a full lifestyle transformation, training for an event, or just want to lean out and tone up – we can help you get there faster, safely, and ensure you can maintain those hard-earned results!

Call 310-728-9346 for personal training, sports-specific performance training (soccer, football, basketball, tennis, swimming, triathlons…), Pilates lessons, injury prevention, corrective exercises, small group fitness classes…and absolutely, the customized nutrition programs, meal plans and recipes essential to fueling your goals!


With a realistic, often comedic approach, Whitney and Byron’s contagious passion for health radiates from videos, articles and recipes in their own Fitness and Fuel Blog, as well as features in Shape, Fitness, ABC News, US Weekly and other national media. Byron and Whitney are also appointed Fitness Experts contributing regularly to MUSCLE & FITNESS and

“ Weight loss, definition, strength, speed, stamina, flexibility… whatever your motivation, nothing is more fulfilling than helping clients reach goals and relish the confidence of accomplishment. ” – Whitney Cole