Training without the correct nutrition for your goals is like running a Ferrari on crude oil. Correct nutrition plays a crucial role both in performance training, as well as simple weight loss and conditioning.

We developed the Arsenal Diet from a lifelong passion for food and knowledge that we can reach our goals more effectively and quickly when properly fueled. Clients are each armed with a customized Arsenal to improve food choices to optimize success in the gym, and in life.

Healthy alternatives to the unhealthy foods you crave are available, if you know what to look for, so learning how to buy groceries is a skill that can be learned with the correct guidance, as is healthy meal preparation, supplementation and scheduling of meals.

Got a food you can’t live without? Our Rotten Recipe Revamps (RRRs) we make even the most nutritionally hideous healthy! No doubt, RRRs are inspired by clients’ and our own most deeply heinous cravings.