When I met Whitney, I was still hanging onto 25 lbs of baby weight but had no motivation to work out. Being a wife, mom and professional photographer is a lot of work (and rewards), but when I looked in the mirror I felt unhappy – very unhappy. Despite how I felt about my body, I hated the gym. I’m an outdoor person, so the gym’s four walls made me feel incarcerated. All my life I’ve been an athlete, where tournaments, competitions and regattas took place outside, not inside a gym. I also had knee and shoulder injuries from my competitive days to work around. Whitney made my workout fit my personality! We trained 3 days/week outdoors with weights, stability equipment, Pilates, etc. The workouts are fun and never repeat themselves. Plus, Whitney taught me to use and strengthen muscles around my injuries, removing the imbalances that had caused my pain. She also helped me completely change my eating habits 180 degrees! I went from eating my son’s leftovers, which wasn’t much, about 2 meals a day, to 5 plus meals and actually lost weight! Now I’m never hungry, always happy about my body and my life!