I started training with Whitney in October 2009, and to say the least she’s been the one thing I’ve been missing my entire life. Nothing has ever worked and I’ve been working out hard since I was 16. Whitney put me on her food regimen on Day 1 of my training, and had me report to her every week with my daily food log. I was surprised how quickly the pounds disappeared right off the bat. After six weeks I had lost 13 pounds net (20 pounds of fat) and gained 7lbs of muscle and a 4-pack, which is something I haven’t seen in many years.
Ryan Ullman One would think sticking to a daily food log would be tough, but it’s really easy. It’s forced me to eat 5-6 smaller healthier meals each day and actually enjoy what I eat. Whitney has hundreds of creative and quick recipes, which are great for a single guy on the go or impressing a date with my new cooking prowess. I’ve really enjoyed her goat cheese and spinach salad with grilled salmon, cheesecake brownies and that rainbow salsa is good on everything! She’s fun to workout with and knows how to cater a workout to what body part(s) your most interested in slimming, sculpting and/or strengthening. In the end, I simply wouldn’t be in the great shape I’m in if it wasn’t for Whitney.