At 40 years old, I weighed 204 lbs, which is the heaviest my 5’9″ frame had ever had to sustain.  I was even having trouble fitting in to my size 40 waist pants.  As a new father, I knew I needed to be setting a better example, and that as my metabolism slowed down with age it would only get harder to get lean.  For the first couple of months I was able to lose some of the weight on my own, but had hit a plateau and contacted Byron and Whitney.  Although I was only in LA one week a month, they were able to design a nutrition program and progressive workout plan that really jumpstarted my fat loss.  Their Arsenal plan is not really a diet but a new lifestyle and way of eating that really works for me.  The tips and suggestions about restaurant eating and eating while travelling have really helped me stay on target despite my busy lifestyle. At this point I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life.  I’ve lost 48 pounds, am down to a size 31 waist after six months and still losing!  I would highly recommend Fitness and Fuel LA to anyone who is serious about getting in shape quickly, safely and efficiently while building a lifestyle/lifelong approach to nutrition and physical activity.