What girl doesn’t want to look her best on her wedding day? In preparation for my April nuptuals, I started working with Whitney. I’d worked with trainers before, but she has wholly transformed my body and mind.

I continue to eat healthy and work out regularly, not just to fit into my dress or look good in pictures. I am now obsessed with the spinach and avocados, so prevalent in her recipes, and my new hubby loves my healthy cooking too (especially the Thai Fried Chicken). Few would’ve called me fat, but at 139, I knew how to hide the extra pounds on this small-boned 5’4″ frame. Now at 116lbs, I have sculpted arms and a flat tummy, which everyone has noticed. I was even approached to be a personal trainer at my gym. Because of Whitney, I know what I am doing on my solo workouts. I don’t even need a machine to do a full workout, which makes traveling much more enticing. I’m in the best shape of my entire life and have hundreds of beautiful pictures of my special day to remind me to stay on track.