Byron & Whitney are a dynamic training duo! I got great results – slimmed down, toned up & just FEEL better every day.

Being able to train with both Byron & Whitney has made it much easier to fit training into my hectic work schedule. One can always find a time for me that works. The variety of their slightly different training techniques spices up my workouts. I’m actively interested in sessions and excited to keep coming back, whereas in the past, I quickly got bored with every previous trainer.

Pilates with Whitney helped me regain the flexibility I had in my youth as a dancer, as well as increased my core and overall body strength and toning. I love it when Whit weaves Pilates into my training regime. Oh, & stretching out on the Pilates Reformer at the end of weights makes every rep worth the pain! I also really enjoy boxing with Byron. Combined with the strength circuit he creates for me delivers a great cardio workout at the same time, which I vastly prefer to spending an eternity on the dreaded treadmill…

Byron and Whitney share common fitness beliefs and compliment each other in the fight against fat and promoting optimal health and well-being. Call today!

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