I toned up head to toe, easily losing the 31lbs and 10.3% body fat my body didn’t need. I look and feel great, and am very grateful for that, but most importantly, I’ve exponentially increased my freedom of movement and confidence in my physical abilities.

A 6′-0″ tall woman since 16, my bones already endure a decent amount of strain. Without proper injury prevention training from volleyball coaches over the years, I found myself having arthroscopic hip surgery at 29 years old! I feared I’d always have to be tip-toe around future exercise, and was so tight in my hips I couldn’t even sit Indian style! I was so weak even a year after surgery, I was frightened I would spend the rest of my life mildly incapacitated.

Hiring a trainer was a big step, and the best decision I could have made. Not only am I in great shape, I’m also more flexible than during my competitive volleyball days…and miles beyond my post-surgery capacity! Plus, workouts are never nightmarish browbeatings loaded with fake motivational statements followed by days of pain. Instead, each workout challenges me within reason. The efficiency of the workouts actually creates better results then when I was working myself out to exhaustion.

Truest testament of success was when my training saved me from reinjuring my hip. While traveling for work in remote China and wearing high heels, I stepped in a pothole. I certainly would have fallen, breaking or dislocating  my hip if I didn’t work with you guys all these months. If i had seriously injured myself, I was hours from any kind of qualified medical care for this type of injury. I could actually feel muscles in my core, hips, thighs, knees and ankles engage, working together to save me from falling! After surgery my doctor told me if i ever fell hard, I would probably shatter my hip. You have no idea how grateful I am that I met you and am in such capable hands. My ever improving figure would have been good enough for me and my husband, but the fact that you listened to my individual condition and delivered results related to my hip recovery, that is life changing. Thank you!