4 Sets. Perform as a Circuit.
1️⃣ Good Morning x15
2️⃣ Overhead Shoulder Press x6
3️⃣ Ab Rollout x15
4️⃣ Curtsy Lunge x15
5️⃣ Bent Over Row x8

➡️ Watch full video for pro tips to perfect form + make every rep count towards your goals!

Difficult to train total body without changing up equipment +/or weight. But I know y’all ❤️ to maximize utility of a single piece of equipment AND YOUR TIME! Thus, I’ve programmed higher reps for toning + conditioning in larger lower body exercises + lower reps to initiate actual growth in smaller muscles like shoulders.

Here I’m using 15lb plate on either side of a short training bar, so in total approximately 60lb. Overhead Press is hardest exercise for most people in this workout, so see how much you can press overhead for 6 reps. That’s the weight to load bar with for the full workout (without changing weight).

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