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Gochujang Korean Chili Paste – Gluten, MSG and GMO Free

Posted by: Whitney

Gochujang is a pungent fermented Korean condiment with a complex sweet, spicy earthy umami flavor. Often called Korean Ketchup, its versatility makes it ideal to add heat to many savory Asian & fusion dishes. Unfortunately, manufacturers today churn out an extremely processed & nutritionally devoid product. Let’s fix that! Whip up the unmistakable flavor of gochujang without the undesirable sugar, sodium & MSG. Recipe is also organic & gluten free!

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Do Chin-ups NOT Bicep Curls

Posted by: Byron

So if you want to target those biceps for big, ripped arms, stop wasting countless hours doing curls. Instead, opt for a compound movement like a chin-up that will move more weight and burn more calories.

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Snacks of Life – Daily Show

Posted by: Whitney

Watch Daily Show clip, showing that despite acknowledging the American obesity crisis, the food industry maintains the “I don’t give a shit” approach. Thrilled to see John Stewart and writers addressing outrageous campaigns of major restaurants and shady marketing like Kids Eat Right seal on Kraft’s pasteurized prepared cheese product.

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