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Posted by: Whitney

Luxuriously creamy dairy free paleo cheesecake! Most dairy free paleo cheesecake recipes use coconut milk + nuts, but few deliver the actual rich texture of cheesecake. Keep the eggs and BAKE cheesecake for a high protein – 15g per slice – dessert as satisfying as traditional cheesecake…possibly more so, considering you cut 200 calories, 50% fat and 70% sugar!

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Posted by: Whitney

Eggs are high in protein, delicious and perfect for breakfast, but if you’d like a sweet treat instead, try our creamy indulgent Breakfast Custard! If you can microwave, you can make this yummy breakfast in under 5 minutes! Can also prepare in advance and reheat on busy mornings. Just 26 grams protein + 245 calories!

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Posted by: Whitney

Frighteningly tasty treat! Satisfies cravings for sweet, spicy, chewy + chocolate delights without derailing diet. Per serving: 75 calories, 4g fat + 7g natural sugar vs. traditional pumpkin bread 410calories, 15g fat + 39g sugar! Gluten free. No refined sugar. Low fat.

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