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Posted by: Byron

Here’s my unbiased review of how the new Series 4 Apple Watch performs as a fitness tracking device. I really have grow to love this watch. It’s the gadget I thought i didn’t need, that i now can’t imagine living without!!!

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Posted by: Whitney

Striking purple sweet potato soup can be a luxuriously healthy start to any holiday meal – when we eliminate the sugar, cream and sodium frequenting traditional squash soup recipes. You won’t miss them! The savory flavor of this soup is as intense, yet refined its dramatic purple hue. On top of thought-provoking color, seasoning amplifies the trip. Guests expect the sweet taste of cinnamon and cloves. Surprise!

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Posted by: Byron

No time for a full hour workout at the gym? Don’t let that stop you. Burn OVER 350 Calories in JUST 20 minutes! Watch Exercise Physiologist & Sports Conditioning Coach Byron Paidoussi to perfect form for max muscle gains and calorie burn.

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Posted by: Whitney

Cut 75% fat, sodium and calories in Green Bean Casserole. Bring out the beans’ unique flavor and crispness with our Green Beans Almondine.

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