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Posted by: Byron

These roasted Brussels Sprouts are sooo yummy! This easy delicious side dish is a welcome complement to any protein at dinner. Low fat. Low sodium. Steaming before roasting yields tender, easier to digest brussels, without losing nutrients to standard boiling.

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Posted by: Byron

Bored with potatoes? Try our Roasted Parsnips! Enlisting complementing flavors of fresh lemon zest and juice, parsley and pistachios, this dish uniquely balances sweet, salty, sour and umami. Delicious with any protein.

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Posted by: Whitney

Pair super quinoa with garbanzo beans to create a complete protein, essential for proper nutrition when eating vegan or vegetarian diet. Bell peppers, fresh tomatoes and herbs provide crisp texture and a myriad of satisfying flavors! 397 calories 18g protein 18g fiber 8g fat.

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Posted by: Whitney

Striking purple sweet potato soup can be a luxuriously healthy start to any holiday meal – when we eliminate the sugar, cream and sodium frequenting traditional squash soup recipes. You won’t miss them! The savory flavor of this soup is as intense, yet refined its dramatic purple hue. On top of thought-provoking color, seasoning amplifies the trip. Guests expect the sweet taste of cinnamon and cloves. Surprise!

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