Low Fat Greek Yogurt ParfaitSince so much sugar is typically added to most yogurt, an even more nutritionally sound option is Greek yogurt. It’s higher in protein and has neither sugar or artificial sweeteners. It is less sweet and thicker than traditional yogurt and is also a great alternative to sour cream if topping a taco salad or potato. Make a parfait for breakfast, snack or to quell a sweet tooth.

Layer ½ cup 2% greek yogurt with a handful (about 1/4 cup) of slivered almonds, 1 cup berries (straw/black/blue/rasp), banana, or other fresh fruits.

Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sugar Sodium
Greek Yogurt Parfait 155 14 8 9 3 19
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Yogurt Parfait 240 45 3 9 33 135