Mango MargaritaA toast to our Mexican neighbors for giving us the #1 selling cocktail in America, the Margarita. Ole!

Unfortunately, the typical margarita packs 400-500 calories into a 12 oz drink, 90% of which are processed sugar!  You smarties already know forcing your bod to metabolize sugar with your alcohol increases the depletion of B vitamins, which is like handing the hangover demons an energy drink.  Using real fruit for flavor and sweetness versus a powdered or frozen mix, we’ll cut sugar and calories, increase buzz, and reduce the ferocity of a hangover.  Additionally, using a silver tequila not only mixes better for taste than a darker aged tequila (which would add a conflicting oaky flavor), but it also has fewer impurities sticking around the next day making you feel less jovial.  I recommend Patron Silver.  Lastly, fresh ginger not only adds complimentary spice to the sour lime, tequila and sweet mango, but also aids in digestion.  I warn you in advance, this is one strong mix!  Please replace some of the tequila with additional lime juice or water if you aren’t on a mission to get blitzed.  Enjoy this reduced calorie margarita poolside, at a beach bbq or anytime when you want to feel festive, not fatty.  Serves 6.

1 small orange (peeled and seeded)
2 tbsp fresh grated ginger
2 cups frozen diced mango (unsweetened)
1 tbsp stevia
1/4 cup fresh lime juice (about 2 juicy limes)
1 cup silver tequila (80 proof)
1 cup water

DIRECTIONS:  Put orange, mango, ginger, stevia, lime juice, tequila, and water into a blender in this order as the unfrozen fruit lubes the blade for the mango chunks.  Blend until smooth. Add additional teaspoons water and/or lime juice if blades stick.

Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sugar Cholesterol
Fitness & Fuel LA – Ginger Mango Margarita 136 10 0 0 8 0
TGI Fridays Tropical Passion Margarita 390 25 0 0 17 0


VARIATIONS:  Substitute another frozen fruit for all or part of the mango. Ideally something tangy to complement the tequila and lime. Berries are ideal – blue, razz, strawberries solo or in any combo.