Affirmative.  A fit and fueled body amps confidence, improves sensitivity and verbal and nonverbal communication.  Not only do we feel sexier when our bodies are on point, but science also proves that obesity frequently reduces testosterone levels, resulting in erectile dysfunction and low sex drive in both  men AND women.  Maintaining a healthy weight is key to sexual function and surely, having a body you take pride in amps your ability to connect between the sheets.


THE FOOD.  A natural healthy diet is key to making workouts work for you in and out of the bedroom, I mean, gym.  My clients’ diet, The Arsenal assumes that while man’s food choices have evolved, our digestive systems and nutritional needs haven’t.  Go back to basics.  Stick with what was growing or grazing in the field and swimming in the sea:   veggies and fruits, eggs, lean meat and fish, nuts, in as minimally processed form as possible.  Extra pounds won’t fruit hearthave a chance to stick to you, slowing carnal pursuits and creating a poor body image.  In particular, the following foods can be credited with improving sex life:

– Mackerel and wild salmon are rich in Omega 3s, which improve nerve function.

–  Unsalted nuts and seeds, green vegetables, root vegetables, garlic, chickpeas and edamame are great sources of L-Arginine, which improves circulation, and thus arousal in both men and women.

– Take a daily multivitamin to further improve circulation and neurological function.


THE FITNESS.  Like the food, think “good for heart, good for sex” regarding fitness.  5-6 workouts a week of different types will keep you tightened and toned, keys to looking goood in more than just candlelight.

running– Add some Pilates and Yoga in for spice. The increased range of motion will allow you to try challenging positions, engage more muscles, even ones you didn’t know you had, in all activities:  translation increased metabolism, head to toe coordination and add brute power too.

– Strength training will aid your more athletic sexual positions.  Focus on your ability to lift and hold your weight or that of your partner creatively to get through another set.

– Get at least three 30-60 minute cardio sessions per week.  More time is not always better.  Focus on the quality vs. sheer quantity.  Add interval training to improve circulatory function.  After a warmup, try 30-60 seconds sprinting, then equivalent time (more if needed) recovering.  As you increase your rate of recovery, start decreasing the rest you permit between sprints.  A 2:1 ratio, like 30 seconds sprint : 15 seconds recovery, always kicks my butt.  This trains your heart, lungs and the rest of your cardio-respiratory system to work efficiently around the clock, and is poised for ACTION, when, well, you are…

THE REWARD.  Yes, put fitness, fuel and better sex on your To-Do List!