Since I constantly get inquiries about colonics, I’m posting my Yelp review of Healing Waters hydrotherapy.

Additionally, here’s the infamous Poop Soup recipe mentioned in the review.

Low Sodium Vegetable Soup – AKA Poop Soup

Low Sodium Vegetable Soup – AKA Poop Soup

Got 2 colonics under my belt, replacing uncomfortable abdominal bloat. As a personal trainer and Pilates Instructor, people expect me to be an 11 out of 10. Annie and Healing Waters helped treat my IBS with more success than I’ve had with any doctor or Rx medications. Clients and I frequently “talk shit” since I’ve dealt with digestive stagnation for years. They also know I’ll never recommend a service untested in my own personal petri dish. I previously avoided colonics out of rectal fear and thought it was way way too Hollywood for me, but I’m so glad I finally tried this.

Daily physical discomfort subsided. Energy and metabolism soar again! Your gut is an unlined trash can who’s walls never fully get clean conventially. If you’re blocked up and even a clean diet and regular exercise aren’t helping, there’s likely a culprit within. Get help getting rid of it. Healing Waters is safe, clean, private and low-key. I had great results in just 2, others may need more. There’s a lot you can do in days prior to increase efficiency. Contact me for pre-colonic diet including a tasty, effective recipe that can only be appropriately named “Poop Soup.” Good luck!

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