Since many clients are also traveling for the holidays, thought we’d share a few stay fit on the road tips with our readers:

We all know the story, a business trip or family vacation is also a trip away from the gym and your fitness regimen. Can’t train right? Not so fast, no gym, no equipment, no problem. Recognize that you can’t excuse yourself from a great workout. It may take some creativity on your part to modify and seek out training modalities, but there are many exercises from your traditional in-gym routine that can be taken on the road. The key is to be resourceful and maximize the utility of your environment.

Residential Rendezvous? A park or playground provides a perfect alternative to a gym. Escape the fam and think pull-ups on monkey bars, dips on parallel bars, declined push-ups with feet on a park bench, plyometric jumps onto a bench… Kickoff each circuit of exercises with a fast lap or two around the facility.

Beach Holiday? Get your tan while doing sand sprints, pull ups or inverted rows on the back of lifeguard towers, dips off bike racks, burpees…ever run in knee to waist high water? It’s hard as hell! Stretch out with your towel at the end of your workout.

See, traveling doesn’t excuse you from taking care of yourself. Get outside and use your environment for a great workout, then enjoy the vacation or dominate the boardroom. Clients and coworkers will feed off your exercise-induced energy and you maintain the confidence that you have not compromised what you’ve been working towards in the gym. Your body and mind will appreciate a change!

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