Vanilla Fro-Yo – Stir 2tbsp vanilla extract and 1-2tsp stevia extract (to taste) into 16oz tub of TJ’s Greek Yogurt. Will be a little less watery using 2% versus 0% – your call. Freeze for 30 minutes to firm up, stir. Eat or repeat 30 minute freeze and stir, until it reaches your preferred consistency. Top with fruit or nuts. Serves 3. Try almond or hazelnut extract in place of vanilla. Avoid the flavored syrups you find at coffee shops, etc. They are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup and the sugar free ones are sweetened with Splenda.

Chocolate Fro-Yo – stir 1-2tsp unsweetened cocoa powder into Vanilla Frozen Yogurt before freezing.

Fruit Ribbon Fro-Yo – reduce vanilla extract in Vanilla Frozen Yogurt to 1tbsp and pour into a wide freezable dish or pan. In separate bowl mash and puree ½ cup fruit of choice – berries, mango, cherries work well, apples do not. Stir 1/2tsp stevia into fruit. Drizzle on Vanilla Yogurt and run a knife through in several directions to distribute ribbon but do not stir unless you want a homogeneous mixture. (You can also simply use the fruit as a ganache topping) to put on the Vanilla Frozen Yogurt when serving).

Cheesecake Fro-Yo – prepare Vanilla Frozen Yogurt with 2% milkfat Greek Yogurt but do not freeze. Stir in ½ cup almond meal. Devour.