We all love Mexican food! Unfortunately, the average Mexican dinner can ruin entire day of healthy eating with around 1850 calories. No bueno! For many, that’s a whole days’ calories in a single meal! Here’s how it easily adds up:

  • 2 ounces of tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole will hit you for about 400 calories.
  • That frozen margarita is at least 350 sugar dominant calories, but who orders the regular size when the giant fishbowl margaritas are only $3 more? Tripling the calories was cheap, huh?  So before your entrée, you’ve already consumed at least 750 calories!
  • A fat and carbohydrate heavy entrée such as a enchiladas, tacos or a burrito deliver another 1100 calories.
  • BONUS CALORIES! If you should order desert such as flan, sopapillas, or some ice cream sundae they added tortilla chips and sprinkled with cinnamon, tack on another 350-600 calories.

Sickening isn’t it? Well, with the correct know-how it’s possible to eat at a Mexican restaurant without adding 5 pounds to your waistline.

  • You can dip, just skip the chips! Most restaurants have peppers, celery, carrots, etc on hand, use those to scoop your guacamole and salsa. Just limit guacamole to 2tbsp. Doing this will cut your snack calories to 150, plus you get the nutrients and fiber from the veggies.
  • How Rita Got Skinny. So, the sugar in a traditional margarita obviously kicks up those calories, but it also magnify tomorrow’s hangover. Instead cut 55% of the calories and ask for our version of a “skinny margarita.” Explicitly request: Patron Silver (or similar tequila), lots of fresh lime juice and top it off with club soda in a lightly salted rim glass to enjoy 120 tasty calories. (Note, many bartenders make their own skinny margarita with various sweetners, artificial and some natural, so clarifying exactly what you do and don’t want in yours up front is crucial).
  • Bowl of Chaos. Anything appearing in a tortilla can be served on a bed of greens to drastically cut calories and increase fiber and nutrients. Order chicken or steak fajitas. Hold the tortillas, rice, cheese and sour cream. Ask instead for a bowl of spinach or other dark greens. Toss the meat, peppers, onions, beans, salsa and a tablespoon of guacamole over your greens. Ole! This Mexican bowl of chaos is about 400 calories!

By making these changes, you’ve transformed a nearly 2000 calorie meal into a 670 calorie night without compromising on the delicious Mexican flavors we all crave. Plus, you’ve increased your fiber and nutrient intake by adding all the veggies.