Labor Day is approaching and we all note summer is coming to an end. We’ve worked hard to have a toned beach-ready body for those sunny days but now many enter  “winter mode.” And thanks to bulkier clothes, comfort food and hours spent on the couch or bar watching football and drinking beer, that summer bod will be a thing of the past come the holidays. In spring we start the cycle over again prepping for summer 2013…

Wanna break the cycle? Let’s maintain that beach body through winter rather than covering it with a blubber bodysuit. As humans, we’ve evolved, and thus, needn’t pack on the pounds anticipating winter’s food shortage nor do we do not need the blubber for warmth. So let’s make use of the following tips to prevent the weight gain this winter.

1.  Eat Less.

Nearly everyone overeats during winter. Easily done with increases in portion size as well as the richness and thus calories of foods. Keep calories in check:

  • Avoid heavy dishes loaded with calories or at least control portion size and frequency of rich dishes.
  • Try stews or curries over spinach rather than rice, naan, polenta, etc. See More
  • Reduce pasta serving to ½ cup and bolster volume using steamed broccoli, kale or green beans.


2.  Move More.

Weather ain’t an excuse to avoid exercising. Living in southern California? The weather is seldom bad enough to prevent working out. Plus, the cooler temps make working out outdoors more feasible than during the summer heat. Use nice fall days to go on a hike or walk by the beach. For those of you living in cooler climates, get the fatass to the gym! Try a new class for inspiration, sign up for spinning or some other form of activity where group dynamic plays a motivating factor. It’s easier to workout when you know you’re not the only one sweating it out.

3.  Navigate the Bar / Football Party.

With the onset of football season, we face temptation to spend Saturday, Sunday and Monday night on our butts watching the tube. Not only is that a lotta time on your can, but also few simply watch football. Copious amounts of beer and snack/bar food are consumed simultaneously. Easy to put away 1500 to 2000 calories in a 3 hour game. My advice? Glad you asked.

  • Follow every beer with an equal size glass of water. You’ll drink less alcoholic volume and aid digestion.
  • Choose a good light beer over a heavier beer. I recommend Heineken Light or Amstel Light. Both still have great taste but far less calories. If you prefer dark beer, choose Guinness as it has antioxidants and can help prevent heart disease.
  • Choose your snack carefully. Avoid fried foods, opt instead for grilled items. Cut hundreds of calories in any sandwich by losing the bread. Anything served on bread can just as easily be served on greens without sacrificing the flavor punch. Get any sauces that will contain hidden calories on the side and use them sparingly when dipping. Plus, here’s tasty remakes of your Favorite Football Party Foods and Cocktails. As always, our Rotten Recipe Revamps (RRRs) are lower in fat, sugar, carbs and calories than the traditional recipe!
  • Stand for at least half of the game and go for walks between quarters. This will increase circulation and metabolism as well as working the leg and postural muscles, which generally cramp after several hours seated anyway.


4. Face the Fat. Don’t Hide in Bulky Clothes.

Easy to gain weight when hidden from everyone (including ourselves) under Cosby sweaters or sweats. In SoCal it’ll never drop so low that you need excessive layers for warmth. No need to go skinny jeans on me, but you certainly can find a happy medium of fitted clothing to keep you comfortable and show off your hard earned physique.

5. Embrace Winter Sports.

Take up skiing or snowboarding this winter, we have several mountains within 2 hours drive of LA. A full days skiing or boarding can burn upwards of 2000 calories. Check out this blog on preparing for winter sports.

So, follow these guidelines and you’ll still have that beach body next spring! Save yourself extra time in the gym and crash dieting in 2013.