Truly horrified by the recent events in Boston, and thus feeling compelled to do something to help… For the past few months, Byron and I have been developing a healthy protein bar from all natural ingredients and whey protein. We felt like having a bakesale benefitting Boston’s victims was the perfect cause to showcase our snacks.

If you’re in Weho on Monday, please stop by and try our new healthy, tasty treats:  FITFUEL2 BARS & BROWNIES and make a donation. If you can’t make it but your mouth is watering at the thought of a 200-240 calorie 20g protein bar with only 5g sugar in flavors like: Macadamia Chocolate Chip, Cocoa Coconut, Gingerberry or Tiramisu…please email and we’ll getcha a bar or a batch.

Perhaps I’m biased, but seriously these bars and brownies “WICKED GOOD!”

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