Stop wasting $4 for those sugar bomb frappes/ice blended coffee drinks at the local Starbucks/Coffee Bean. Those Iced concoctions contain 400-700 calories of sugar, fat and are a disaster for anyone looking to stay in shape. Instead, try this sugar free low calorie (10 calories) Greek Style Frappe. It’s really easy to make and tastes amazing. As an added bonus, you can make it as sweet or bitter as you like by controlling how much stevia you add.

2 Tbsp Nescafe instant coffee
8oz Iced Water
Pure Stevia to sweeten: For Sketo (bitter) = no stevia. Metrio (medium) one 45mg scoop. Glyko (sweet) two 45mg scoops

Put coffee into a cup large enough to accommodate an immersion blender (don’t have an immersion blender, no sweat, use an old fashioned cocktail shaker to blend it up, you’ll burn the calories in the drink while making the drink. Think – Shake Weight). Add 4oz of water and desired amount of stevia to sweeten. Blend till very frothy, volume will double in size. transfer to a chilled glass with ice cubes. Top up with remaining 4oz of water. Enjoy!

Not a Fatty-uccino

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