Boo! Bottling Extra Sugar

Love chocolate milk? Us too!

Unfortunately, my tummy doesn’t like the lactose and who needs that sugar bomb! Zico, Vita-Coco and other coconut water manufacturers have developed coconut waters with flavors including chocolate, which is ultra yummy, lactose-free and loaded with as much muscle recovering potassium as a banana. While coconut water is already naturally sweet, producers unfortunately add extra sweetness, via “cane sugar.” Let’s keep the good and ditch that unneeded sugar. Recipe below is so easy, I feel guilty even using the word “recipe.” Here’s your NO SUGAR ADDED solution!


14oz organic coconut water (unsweetened / unflavored)
1-2 tsp unsweetened organic cocoa powder
(optional) 1/2 scoop organic pure stevia powder (We like Trader Joe’s stevia)
3 ice cubes (more if desired)


Place all ingredients inside high-powered blender and blend on high for until thoroughly mixed. Pour into glass with or without additional ice as preferred, and enjoy! For the ultimate post workout recovery beverage, blend with 1 scoop of your favorite protein powder and omit stevia.

Calories Fat Carbs Sugar
Chocolate Milk (2%) 276 5g 46g 43g
Zico Chocolate Coconut Water 120 2g 24g 20g
Fitness & Fuel LA Chocolate Coconut Water 76 0g 17g 14g
* Nutrition info chart compares 14oz serving of each beverage.