Here’s your Friday Funny! Watch this hysterically SAD clip from the DAILY SHOW WITH JOHN STEWART!

Despite health studies addressing the growing obesity crisis in the U.S., the food industry carries on pretty much as usual…with the “I don’t give a shit” approach.  Get your giggles on from callouts to McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Olive Garden, Golden Corral…etc.

Lil Caesar’s might “wrap that study in bacon, batter it, deep fry it and feed it through your anus with a 32oz soda…but only if you have a coupon.”

Academy of Processed Food Funded Nutrititon…

MASSIVE props for calling out Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics for choosing $ over children’s health. In effort to boost sales to families seeking healthier products, Kraft funded the “Academy’s” new Kids Eat Right campaign labeling the financier’s products, including mainstay Kraft Singles with this unfitting healthy seal. Do you find it conflicting that the Kids Eat Right seal appears more prominently than the copy at the bottom Kraft is legally required to print identifying product for what it actually is? A PASTEURIZED PREPARED CHEESE PRODUCT?

Why must Kraft label this product containing <51% cheese as such: Code of Federal Regulations

It’s like DS writers have been sitting in our living room noting our commercial commentary for the past month to craft this clip. Thank you for this! We couldn’t love y’all more!