Another delicious easy high protein breakfast recipe to keep tastebuds happy! While the large satisfying serving of this hot breakfast may make you think you’ll have to skip lunch…DON’T! This yummy breakfast is only 244 calories, 25 grams protein + 9 grams fat. Alkaline balancing herbs + fiber-rich veggies further aid in protein digestion + basically just feeling awesome!

Herbaceous Eggs Breakfast Bowl

Herb Egg Bowl IngredientsINGREDIENTS
As always, please choose organic ingredients for YOUR health!
4 large egg whites
1 large egg
2+ cups veggies, such as thinly chopped cabbage, broccolini or broccoli slaw
Fresh herbs, such as cilantro + parsley, chopped
2 tsp F+F Lowfat Pistachio Pesto

Whip egg whites + egg with fork or immersion blender. Gently scramble over medium heat 2-3 minutes or until desired firmness achieved.

Simultaneously. give veggies a gentle steam. Place in a bowl topped with plate. Microwave 60-90 seconds. Add herbs + pesto. Toss. Add scrambled eggs to bowl + enjoy! Serves one.

1. Maximize herbaceous flavors by zesting fresh lemon over greens/herbs just before serving. Don’t recommend adding directly to eggs. Avoid lemon juice.
2. Add 1-2 tsp crumbled sheep milk feta. As you know, we adore Pastures of Eden (Trader Joe’s) or Tnuva (Costco)!

Herbaceous Eggs Breakfast Bowl

Mix it up to enjoy a lil taste of each ingredient in every bite!

1. Never add water to steam veggies in microwave. In presence of heat, veggies typically release enough water to naturally steam themselves. Placing veggies in additional water will cook them via boil vs. steam. Plus, it encourages releasing more of the very nutrients you’re seeking to consume into that murky green water you’ll likely toss.
2. Shorten prep time for busy mornings by pre-prepping pesto + pre-chopping cabbage + veggies.
3. Extend life of most cut green veggies + herbs, store in fridge in container with lid, but plenty of air + dry paper towel to absorb the excess wetness that permits mold to grow. Whoever told you to press every molecule of air from bagged salad greens + chopped veggies was sorely mistaken. Do send him or her a composite bill for years of veggies that expired <1 week. Hey Mom, check your mailbox!

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