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Posted by: Whitney

Super Bowl Party foods made healthy! Low fat. Low sodium. Gluten free. Paleo. No sugar added. High protein. Vegetarian options. Got sweets. Savory recipes too. All NFL pig ball approved!

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Posted by: Byron

In the midst of an obesity epidemic, we must focus on our youth. Telling kids “its OK to be fat” is asinine and cruel. Shoving food at a child because you’re too busy or lazy to play is child neglect. Being fat is unhealthy and avoidable, as are the health complications overweight children will face. Time to get healthy and active, America! Learn healthy workout ideas for your kids here!

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Posted by: Byron

Should sugar be regulated like alcohol, cigarettes & other controlled substances? Food manufacturers hide sugar in assumedly sugarfree foods like sandwiches, yogurt & fruit smoothies. Diabetes is on the rise in adults & children. How do you know your food is free of this toxin?

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Posted by: Whitney

Delicious healthy revamps of your favorite traditional Christmas Dinner dishes. As always, recipes are gluten free, sugar free, low fat, low sodium and reduced calorie!

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