So, colder weather is (obviously) synonymous with head colds, flus and the like. And while here in southern Cali we won’t be seeing any snow, plenty of clients and friends have been taken out by the invisible creeps flying around. Don’t have time to be stuck at home on the couch? Me neither. Here’s trick to beef up your immunity defense, and I’ve found more effective than Airborne or Zicam ever proved to be. Try this remedy at the onset of a cold or if you’re gonna be in an environment where you’re likely to be exposed to cold germs. Think hospitals, airplanes, schools, cubicle-land, or at this time of year, really anywhere a lot of people will be sharing tools and air.

You’ll need to grab a bottle of 250mg Vitamin C tablets, Echinacea capsules and zinc tablets easily found at a pharmacy, grocery or Target/Walmart superstore. Liquid Echinacea is less common, but worth the trip to Whole Foods.

Feeling fatigued, snotty nose? At the ONSET of a cold or flu take the following with a light meal. I typically blend the Echinacea in a smoothie because it honestly tastes horrible solo.

  1. 40 drops liquid extract and 2 capsules Echinacea
  2. Vitamin C 250 mg
  3. Zinc 1 tablet

Continue taking every 2-3 hours for 48 hours or until you experience improvement. Then continue 3-4 times a day for an additional 8 days.

  1. 40 drops and 1 capsule Echinacea
  2. Vitamin C 250 mg every 2 waking hours
  3. Zinc 1 tablet every 2 waking hours

If you have chronic colds, you can continue to take a daily dose of 1000mg Vitamin C, an Echinacea capsule (up to 3 times/day) and a zinc tablet. Another option: zinc in combination with Calcium/Magnesium. In combo with regular sleep (7-8hrs/night), regular exercise and a healthy diet you’re well on your way to avoiding colds this year.