Shape Magazine Sample CoverShape LogoSo excited! I’ve been selected as the Personal Trainer for the winner of SHAPE Magazine’s 2011 Weight Loss Diary! We start training soon but watch for her blog at and workouts and fitness tips starting in the January 2011 issue (out mid-December 2010).  I will be working hand in hand with my Expert Team: Registered Dietitian, Ruth Frechman and Life Coach, Michelle Hastie.

I won’t spoil the reveal with her name yet but I do want to give a little background on my new client, as I know that a lot of my readers will identify with the physical and emotional struggle with her weight, and hopefully, be inspired by her future success!  Even I’m lifted by her positive attitude!

…was larger than most of her classmates growing up, but played sports so her weight was kept in check. Then she went to college, stopped playing sports, and turned to food to help her deal with the stress in her life. Her weight went up until she got engaged in her 20s and crash dieted and overexercised to lose weight for her wedding. “My dress was loose as I walked down the aisle, but inside I felt awful. I knew I couldn’t keep it up and slowly the weight came back.” Married life was great but stress about money, her job and injuries had her turning to food again.  The couple  just bought a house and she wants to start this new phase of her life on a healthy foot. “We are considering having a baby and I want to be physically ready for whatever is going to come my way,” she says.

GIRL, get ready! You’ll LOVE what we’re gonna do with your body! Can’t wait!  – Whitney