Shape Magazine June 2011

Weight Loss Diary
June 2011
Page 192

June 2011 p192

See p192 for the ongoing Weight Loss Diary column by Stacy Garay.  This month Stacy writes about the swim lessons we’ve been doing as part of her training.  I’d like to see everyone able to swim, for safety as well as a fantastic form of cardio exercise. Unfortunately, like most people who never received formal instruction,  Stacy tired easily and sucked in lots of water and complained about a sore neck. Because she swam with her head out to breathe, her entire lower body stayed near the bottom, slowing her down and forcing her arms to do all the work.  She strained her neck fighting physics and her spine, which needed to all be in alignment for comfort and forward propulsion.  However, within a few minutes, I had her confidently gliding through the water in Freestyle:  face in, breathing to the side, cupped hands at the end of long even arm strokes and maintaining the heavy straightlegged kick essential to keeping her body at the top of the water.

Now we incorporate the swiming into what I call a “Surf ‘n Turf” wet/dry circuit style workout:  Stacy swims 4 laps then hops onto a mat outside the pool and does 10 pushups, 20 crunches and several other body weight only exercises before jumping back in the pool for Round 2.  I’m proud of you, Stacy! You can take this workout anywhere you find water.

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