As the Superbowl approaches, had to share the NFL Bad Lip Reading video, which is probably the funniest 3 minutes I’ve viewed to date. Football = Fitness, thus relevant to this blog, right? Please, indulge me!

I’ll likely watch the Harbaugh Bowl. Maybe Byron will join and finally emerge from the corner he’s been sobbing in. He’s still a mess after the Ravens knocked out his beloved Tom Brady and the Patriots.

So Baltimore or San Francisco? Whoever you’re rooting for, surely the biggest question on everyone’s mind is if the 49ers win, will Coach Jim Harbaugh will finally get some cake? Will he share it…and maybe a smile?

Now…regarding the party!  Click link below for healthy Superbowl party foods. As always, these recipes are gluten free, no sugar added, reduced fat and sodium, but loaded with flavor!

SUPERBOWL XLVII Rotten Recipe Revamps (RRRs)