So February
14th is next week, a time when sweet treats and decadent dinners can derail your “healthy eating” plan. So this Valentines, don’t undo that month of hard
work in the gym, try these ideas to help enjoy the day without the guilt.
1). Skip the fattening milk chocolate hearts or other Valentines themed candy. Rather for good quality dark chocolate (at least 72% cocoa). The higher the percentage of cocoa, the less room there is remaining for waistline-busting sugar and unhealthy additives. Bonus, extra-dark chocolate has anti-oxidants benefits!
2). Alternatively, skip candy altogether and give a healthy naturally sweet treat. Send your Valentine an Edible Arrangement fruit bouquet, fresh strawberries from Shari’s Berries or bake one of Whitney’s gluten free, naturally sweet concoctions, such as Red Velvet Heart Cupcakes.
3). Do something active with your Valentine. Spend time together doing an activity that burns calories. Hike to a beautiful place, take a bike ride, go for a stroll on the beach or even workout together at the gym.
4). Make good choices at dinner. Order a protein-rich entree with a whopping serving of veggies, avoid the bread basket, skip soda, limit alcohol to one serving and always drink plenty of water for that long night ahead!
5). Share dessert. Sharing food with your Valentine automatically earns SEXY points. Sharing a decadent dessert is far less diet damage when you cut the calories in half!