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Whatcha gonna do for food?

Avoid the VACATION DIET (aka SEEFOOD DIET): eat whatever I want whenever I see it.

Frequently employed whether you’re actually on vacation or visiting family/friends who may not eat as cleanly as you do or traveling for work. Because you have nothing on hand you typically alternate between long periods without food – no breakfast, nothing but coffee until conference serves lunch at noon – and binging on large meals of less healthy food choices than you would typically make, but feel entitled to given preceding starvation period.

Do this enough and yes, you will put on body fat. The prolonged time without food propels your body into starvation mode, which signals stress hormone production (cortisol, etc), substantial metabolic drop and fat storage, as your body thinks you haven’t eaten because a famine is coming. Even if you’ve eaten 3 square meals a day forever, you’re prehistorically programmed to prioritize survival. FYI, this is also the underlying reason why starvation diets/extreme calories restriction diets, like Special K’s – 2 bowls of cereal & healthy dinner – Diet, fail as well.

Think about why you’ve resorted to this? Rather than saying, “time got away from me” (again), acknowledge this is the sheerly an act (or inaction) of convenience and lack of planning. Good news there’s a simple fix for future travel!

Instead, locate grocery near hotel or stop on way from airport. Grab healthy snacks to store in fridge. This will substantiate meals so you ultimately spend less money eating out. Plus, you’re not starving between those infrequent meals, thus you maintain a healthy rapid metabolism and also make healthier meals selections when we do stop to dine.


1. Bottled water – one Liter or 1.5 liter
2. Pre-cut celery, broccoli, baby carrots (& other veggie sticks you enjoy with hummus)
3. Small hummus. Or grab new Sabra’s Hummus Singles! Each cup holds a perfect 2tbsp (1/4cup) portion!
4. Fresh fruit – Citrus fruits with tough skin have highest survival rate in a loaded purse or brief case.
5. Unsalted nuts. For perfectly portioned 1/4cup servings, try Trader Joe’s Just a Handful Roasted Unsalted Almonds
6. Napkins & plastic cutlery from prepped food area.
7. Protein bars –  1 / day. Your bod craves fresh natural protein sources. Some bars are better than others…try our FITFUEL2 Bars & BrowniesOr a Larabar is your next best natural option.


1. Bring several zippered bags from home to portion out veggies, nuts & any cut fruit, which also becomes a portable snack to throw in bag. (Conflicting reports re: zipper bags ability to safely withstand heat, thus prevent bags from coming in contact with sunlight and heat. Click here for more on BPA SAFETY).
2. Can’t find precut veggies in bagged salad section or on salad bar? Buy whole & ask hotel to borrow knife. Helpful staff will usually offer to take to kitchen & slice for you.
3. Think you’ll be getting any takeout? Buy a bag of spinach and/or broccoli slaw to enjoy with saucy meat & veggie dishes in lieu of mountains of rice, noodles or bread. Click here for HEALTHY TAKEOUT TIPS