Both men & women often view a sixpack as an mythical, unattainable goal. Not true! Your abs do exist! Sadly, unicorns do not. Let’s work that core.  Spot a gorgeous toned, flat tummy and you’ll find the rest of the person it’s attached to is fantastically toned to match.  Think about the meaning of the word “core” and it’s central location – you [SHOULD] use it in everything you do. The condition of your core has the potential to literally make or break you…

Build strength and balanced muscular development 360 degrees around your midsection! You will not only look better, but also improve your skill in any sport or training method you approach! Plus, a strong core makes you infinitely more resistant to painful injuries, especially in your back, that would sideline you from achieving your fitness and weight loss goals.


Run 85% effort 3 minutes, then perform core circuit. Repeat for a total of 3 times.

Med Ball Twist   1 Minute
Bosu Cross Crunch  10 / side
Med Ball Press Jacknife 15 reps
Plank (Knee to Elbow)  10 reps / side
Med Ball Wood Chop 15 / side
* Back Extension  10 reps
* Back Extension with Alternating Side Twist   10 reps / side
* Oblique Crunch  10 reps / side
** Vertical Knee Raise   10 reps
** Knee Raises with Alternating Side Twist   10 reps / side

* Lower slowly and pause at bottom to avoid bouncing on ball, which prevents you from working intended muscles and could throw back out. Remember this on all exercises balancing on the stability ball.
** On Knee Raises, squeeze knees together by activating inner thighs and maintain consistent bend in knees throughout exercise – this will help you to turn off your hip flexors, which tend to dominate lower ab exercises like these.

The 360 Degree Workout Video

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