The majority of women with natural breasts seem to fall into one of two categories:

1. those who would like larger breasts
2. those who would like more lifted, firmer breasts

This workout is going to help you both out! Develop the muscles comprising your chest, the pec major and minor, and look forward to noticeably firmer, perkier breasts. BONUS! Several moves in this workout also tone abs and arms in tandem with chest, which directly improves your chest to waistline ratio, optimizing hourglass and making the chest appear larger.

Unlike other body parts (butt, legs & arms) we aim to decrease in size, many women watching this video want to increase bust size. Besides gaining weight and putting on bodyfat – NO THANKS – your best bet is to develop your pec major and minor muscles, underneath the breast tissue. To those with ample size simply seeking firmness and lift, developing more sculpted, rounded chest muscles increases the surface area over which formerly “saggy” tissue spreads. Redistributing existing breast tissue across the fully developed chest muscle, from the sternum to underarm, thus legitimately lifts breasts!

Look better in your sexy Halloween costume later this month. Strut in those cleavage-bearing dresses at all the holiday parties at year’s end after amplifying your hourglass with these breast-besting moves.


Perform exercises in order 3x through. Nail this workout 2x weekly (on nonconsecutive days) to firm, lift and optimize your chest.


Pushups 10-15 reps
Make exercise easier by gently resting 1 or both knees on floor. Remember to keep weight forward. Do not put any more weight onto knees than is absolutely necessary, or you risk losing benefits to chest and place unnecessary strain on anterior deltoid.

Incline DB Press Both Arms 5reps, Single Arm 10 reps each side
Use 30 degree incline to add size & support to upper chest. Already do a chest press in your workouts, don’t be afraid to up the weight. Unlike other body parts (butt, legs & arms) you want to decrease in size and thus, use lighter weights, you want to add size, firmness and shape to your chest.

Med Ball Press 15reps
Pressing firmly through palms. Abs worked too, which improves chest to waist ratio.

DB Flies 15reps
Maintain a slight bend in elbows and focus on activating the muscle just inside armpit. Yes, that unsightly lil chicken wing! Wings, be gone!

TRX Flies 15reps
Because the TRX forces you to additionally balance your body weight in a plank position, there is additional core and arm toning to be gained! However, you can certainly adapt this exercise for the equipment you have by using either a dual cable pulley system or a band with handles & appropriate tension.

DB Pullovers 15reps
Maintain slight bend in elbows throughout exercise or this becomes an exercise for triceps negating chest benefit.