Living in Los Angeles, we’re blessed with fabulous weather year round. Why not make use of it? Get your butt outdoors for a  workout in the sunshine (don’t forget the sunscreen). Here’s a list of some of our favorite outdoor exercise spots in & around the westside of Los Angeles.

Santa Monica Stairs

Santa Monica Stairs
4th St & Adelaide Dr, Santa Monica, CA 90402

A well know hub of exercise activity in Santa Monica, the stairs are brutal. Our advice would be to run up if you are able, but walk on the way down in order to protect your joints. The result, a classic interval training session. We also recommend going during “off-peak” hours (NOT early am and after work on weekdays) as its incredibly crowded and the chance of injuries increases exponentially.



Santa Monica Pier Playground

Santa Monica Pier Playground

Location: Ocean Front Walk @ Arcadia Terrace

Playground offers a wide variety of exercise options: pull up bars, rings, parallel bars, climbing ropes, balance beams, open grassy areas, steps and boxes. With a gymnastics background, this is dreamland, but average joes can have fun too. Try doing inverted rows from a low bar while keeping your feet on the ground. For the more advanced, do pull ups or even muscle ups on the high bar. Try racing a friend to the top of one of the climbing ropes, work on core and balance on the balance beam, do some plyometric jumps onto the boxes or steps or take in some yoga and stretching on the grassy area.

California Bike Path

Runs Washington Blvd to Temescal Canyon.  Fiji Way to Redondo Beach.

What better way to get some low impact cardio and sunshine than taking a ride along the beach. LA has a fantastic bike path that you can ride north or south. The path is about 8 miles long from the Venice pier to Temescal Canyon and about 15 miles from the Marina to Redondo. Try riding in the early morning or on weekdays, as it can be very busy, especially during the summer months. Also be careful of the sandy spots as they can cause spills.

* Don’t forget to check out the Venice Skate Park either! Go during the week & avoid crowds if you & your wheels are new friends!



Manhattan Beach Sand Dune

Manhattan Beach Sand Dune Park

33rd & Bell Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Possibly the toughest outdoor workout in Los Angeles and a common training spot for AVP volleyballers and other athletes.  The sand dune at Manhattan Beach is just brutal, about 6 stories of soft beach sand. Running up this bad boy will have your lungs and legs screaming for mercy. Take care on downhill return – its pretty steep. In the hotter summer months, we recommend using sand socks to protect your feet from burns.



Mar Vista Park: Running Path + Gym Equipment

Mar Vista Recreation Center
11430 Woodbine Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Soccer fields! Baseball fields! Roller hockey court! Tennis courts! Get your game on! Plus, Mar Vista also has a great running track intermixed with body weight exercise stations such as chest press, shoulder press, pull downs, crunches and balance beams. Of course if unsure how to use the equipment, carefully read the instructions or hire a trainer to take you through your first run. ** Workout Idea:  Break outta your routine! Sprint to first station, do set of 10-15 reps of strength training. Sprint to next station…