Stop wasting endless hours on the cardio machine hamster wheel. Interval training is the way to go, ditch your steady state cardio and train like an athlete!

Less Time!  Interval training delivers better results in less time than steady state cardio.

Avoid Injuries!   As a result of spending less time repetitively striking same motion on the treadmill, you’re way less likely to encounter overuse injuries like plantar fasciitis, knee and back pain or stress fractures.

Max Calorie Burn!  Interval training burns far more calories per minute than steady state cardio does as you’re working your body harder. You will also raise your metabolic levels for at least 24 hours after the exercise.

Burn Body Fat!  Burn a higher percentage of body fat training in your anaerobic heart rate zone whilst doing intervals than doing long steady rate exercise in your oxidative zone.

Prefer Body A or B?

More Lean Muscle!  Maintain more of muscles you’ve worked hard to sculpt. Long periods of steady state training lead to ketosis and loss of muscle mass. No matter how heavy you lift, if you’re also doing excessive steady state cardio training, you will inevitably cannibalize muscle tissue to fuel your workouts. Need proof? Compare the physiques of a long distance athlete like a marathon runner with that of a sprinter!