All said + done, achieving your fitness goals or not greatly depends on you and your attitude, not solely on the ability of your trainer. Unlike a surgeon who can put you to sleep + “fix” you before you wake, the process of losing weight, building muscle, rehabbing, etc takes substantial recurring effort. We only see you for a few hours a week…that leaves 23 other hours in the day you’re on your own.  While we (control freaks) wish we could, we ultimately cannot control every aspect of your life. If so, every client would achieve jaw-dropping results beyond his/her highest expectations!

However, over the years, we noticed that all of our successful clients seem to have several habits in common. These habits have helped them successfully achieve their fitness goals.

Grant made this transformation in less than 6 months!

1.  Log Everything.   YES, everything. If it goes in your mouth, log it. That way you can get a legit grasp on how many calories you are really eating each day as well as if you’re hitting your macros. It’s impossible to get and sustain results unless you know how many calories you are consuming. Also, many of our clients have mentioned that the mere pressure of having to log often prevents them from having too many cheat meals or naughty treats. Logging your water consumption is vital too, most people don’t drink enough water and it’s nearly  impossible to burn body fat unless you’re hydrated.

We recommend the app MyFitnessPal to log your food and exercise. We use it to spy on our clients! 🙂

The average adult needs 3 Liters of water / day to maintain basic bodily functions…more during warm summer months, incorporating workouts and/or if trying to lose weight. Struggling to drink the recommended amount of water per day, check out this blog:  HOW TO DRINK MORE WATER!

2.  Arrive Early.  To your workouts that is. If your session is at 8am, try arrive a few minutes early so that you can get your warmup, foam rolling and stretching out the way, that way we can focus on kicking your butt for the whole 60 minutes!

Try this ACTIVE DYNAMIC WARMUP next time you get to the gym.

3.  Workout on Off-Days.  We only see you a few days a week, and unfortunately for most, those 2-3 hours are not enough to get the optimum results. That’s why we prescribe homework, generally extra cardio sessions. By doing these extra sessions, you burn more calories each week and increase your resting metabolism, which speeds the fat-burning to reveal the lean sexy muscles you’ve been chiseling in training sessions!

Christina lost 10% body fat for her wedding and kept it off!

4.  Wear a Heart Rate Monitor.  We also love when clients will wear heart rate monitors (HRM) during their workouts and on solo cardio sessions. Why? First, a HRM outputs an exact number of calories burned during sessions, simplifying the process of adjusting your daily calories and macros. (BMR + workout burn – calories consumed = calorie deficit). Working with finite numbers wildly improves accuracy and speeds results! Also, by monitoring your HR during the session, we are better able to know when to push you harder and when to lighten up and let you rest. Finally, on your solo workout days, you can see how workouts impact predefined net calorie goals for the day. We recommend POLAR heart rate monitors. They are the most reliable, are compatible with most gym cardio machines and are reasonably priced for the money.


5.  Ask Questions.  We don’t expect you to know everything, that’s why you’ve hired us. If you’re unsure why we’re doing an exercise + what muscles it should work, if you think the wrong muscles are working, if something else hurts, what foods are good substitutes in meal plan, when to eat what, etc…PLEASE ASK! We want to clarify and explain why you’re doing things in a specific manner. If you fully understand the process, you’ll be more motivated to do it. There is NO such thing as a stupid question! #KNOWLEDGEISPOWER!



We’re proud of you all! You deserve it!